• Ekos VM v1.5 ReleasedEkos VM v1.5 Released

    Ekos VM v1.5 Released

    Get the latest Ekos & INDI in a Virtual Machine that can run anywhere! Based on a stable Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Ekos VM offers observatory control & automation across multiple platforms. Read More
  • INDI Library v1.2.0 Release!INDI Library v1.2.0 Release!

    INDI Library v1.2.0 Release!

    Find out latest devices supported in INDI Library! Learn how to secure your observatory and automate your workflow. Get INDI Library now! Read More
  • Arduino for yourobservatory.Arduino for yourobservatory.

    Arduino for your

    Taken advantage of the great flexibility provide by both, Arduino and INDI protocol to automate your observatory! Read More
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INDI for Java is a set of libraries (written in the Java programming language) to implement Clients (graphical and not graphical ones), Drivers and Servers that follow the INDI distributed control protocol, a protocol designed to operate astronomical instrumentation. The INDI for Java library is currently ready to be used in Android devices!

The current implementation of INDI Library is in C/C++, and a Java implementation enables seamless cross platform support in addition to Andriod device support! This exciting development is spearheaded by Mr. Sergio Alonso, Kudos to him for making such a signifcant implementation of the protocol!

v1.3 of the library (server, client, and tools) was released on April 10th, 2012. Check out the downloads.

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