INDI clients are the programs you use to directly control your devices. There are numerous clients implementations that are tailored to specific requirements. But the most popular clients are the generic GUI clients. GUI clients are capable of running any INDI driver.

The following is a list of popular INDI clients:

NameDescriptionCostLicenseOperating SystemsNotes
KStars KStars is free, open source, cross-platform Astronomy Software. It provides an accurate graphical simulation of the night sky, from any location on Earth, at any date and time. The display includes upto 100 million stars, 13,000 deep-sky objects,all 8 planets, the Sun and Moon, and thousands of comets and asteroids. In addition, it provides tools to perform many astronomical calculations, an observation planner, and lots of information and resources to help you explore the universe! Free GPL Linux, BSD, OSX, Windows INDI Library for KStars is only available for Linux, BSD, and OSX.
Ekos is a tool that aims to provide astronomers using Linux with a single, consistent, and extensible framework to perform astrophotography tasks. This includes polar alignment using drift method, auto-focus & auto-guide capabilities, and capture of single or stack of images with filter wheel support. Free GPL Linux, BSD, OSX Ekos is part of KStars.
AstroImager is a powerful, but easy to use image capture application for the astrophotography for OSX. $9.99 Proprietary OSX AstroImager in Apple Store.
AstroTelescope is a simple planetarium for astrophotography integrated with imaging application for OSX. $9.99 Proprietary OSX AstroTelescope in Apple Store.
IPACROS is an INDI client for Android phones and tablets. It supports connecting and controlling your INDI devices including easy to use telescope and camera controls. Free GPL Android
Cartes Du Ciel Cartes du Ciel is a free planetarium program for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. With the change to version 3, Linux has been added as a target platform, licensing has changed from freeware to GPL and the project moved to a new website. The software maps out and labels most of the constellations, planets, and objects you can see with a telescope. It can also download Digitized Sky Survey Charts and superimpose images over these charts. Numerous star charts and indexes can be installed. There are also telescope interfaces and many versatile display options. Free GPL Linux, OSX, Windows Cartes Du Ciel only supports telescope control.
CCDCiel CCDCiel is a CCD capture software intended for the amateur astronomer. It include all the features required to perform digital imaging CCD observation of celestial objects. Using the standard drivers protocol INDI and ASCOM it can connect and control the CCD camera, the focuser, the filter wheel and the telescope mount. Free GPL Linux, Windows
DCD DCD is a platform independent user interface for remote telescope and device control, compatible with the INDI standard. Free GPL Linux, BSD, OSX, Windows
INDI For Java The INDI for Java is a set of libraries (written in the Java programming language) to implement Clients (graphical and not graphical ones), Drivers and Servers that follow the INDI distributed control protocol, a protocol designed to operate astronomical instrumentation. The library provides an Android client as well (version 8 or higher). Free GPL Linux, OSX, Windows
OpenPHD The PHD Guiding software from Stark Labs is a popular, free package for telescope autoguiding on Macs and PCs. The goal of this project is to bring PHD Guiding to developers on Linux, OS X, and Windows. Free BSD Linux, OSX, Windows
wINDI wINDI is an INDI wrapper and INDI server for ASCOM drivers. It was developed as a supporting module for jINDI cross platform observatory control software, but can be used for personal or educational purposes for free with any other INDI client running on the same or a remote machine (e.g. KStarsXEphem or CdC). Free Propietary Windows
jINDI jINDI is a project of cross platform observatory control software based on INDI protocol. It consists of jINDI protocol and jINDI GUI. Propietary Windows, Linux, OSX Not officially released yet.
iINDI iINDI is a mobile control panel for the remote INDI servers for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It offers the same functionality as jINDI Device Manager or KStars Control panel for indiserver and INDI drivers or wINDI and ASCOM drivers. The only limitation is, that it doesn't support BLOB transfer. $3.99 Propietary iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
Xephem Xephem is a Motif based ephemeris and planetarium program for Unix-like operating systems. $19.95 Propietary Unix-like


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