Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface INDI  2.0.2
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Common.h File Reference
#include <cstring>
#include <cmath>
#include <memory>

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struct  INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::TelescopeDirectionVector
 Holds a nomalised direction vector (direction cosines) More...
struct  INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::AlignmentDatabaseEntry
 Entry in the in memory alignment database. More...


 Namespace to encapsulate INDI client, drivers, and mediator classes.
 Namespace to encapsulate the INDI Alignment Subsystem classes. For more information see "INDI Alignment Subsystem" in "Related Pages" accessible via the banner at the top of this page.


typedef enum INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::MountAlignment INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::MountAlignment_t


enum  INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::MountAlignment { INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::ZENITH , INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::NORTH_CELESTIAL_POLE , INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::SOUTH_CELESTIAL_POLE }
 Describe the alignment of a telescope axis. This is normally used to differentiate between equatorial mounts in differnet hemispheres and altaz or dobsonian mounts. More...
enum  INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::AlignmentDatabaseActions {
  INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::APPEND , INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::INSERT , INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::EDIT , INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::DELETE ,
  INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::CLEAR , INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::READ , INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::READ_INCREMENT , INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::LOAD_DATABASE ,
 Action to perform on Alignment Database. More...
enum  INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::AlignmentPointSetEnum {
  INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::ENTRY_OBSERVATION_JULIAN_DATE , INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::ENTRY_RA , INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::ENTRY_DEC , INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::ENTRY_VECTOR_X ,
  INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::ENTRY_VECTOR_Y , INDI::AlignmentSubsystem::ENTRY_VECTOR_Z
 The offsets to the fields in the alignment point set property. More...

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Roger James
13th November 2013

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