Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface INDI  2.0.2
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_INumberVectorProperty Struct Reference

Number vector property descriptor. More...

#include <indiapi.h>

Public Attributes

char device [MAXINDIDEVICE]
char name [MAXINDINAME]
char label [MAXINDILABEL]
char group [MAXINDIGROUP]
IPerm p
double timeout
IPState s
int nnp
char timestamp [MAXINDITSTAMP]
void * aux

Detailed Description

Number vector property descriptor.

INumber.format may be any printf-style appropriate for double or style "m" to create sexigesimal using the form "%\<w\>.\<f\>m" where:
<w> is the total field width.
<f> is the width of the fraction. valid values are:
9 -> <w>
8 -> <w>:mm:ss.s
6 -> <w>:mm:ss
5 -> <w>:mm.m
3 -> <w>:mm
To produce "-123:45", use %7.3m
To produce " 0:01:02", use %9.6m

Definition at line 318 of file indiapi.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ aux

void* _INumberVectorProperty::aux

Helper info

Definition at line 341 of file indiapi.h.

◆ device

char _INumberVectorProperty::device[MAXINDIDEVICE]

Device name

Definition at line 321 of file indiapi.h.

◆ group

char _INumberVectorProperty::group[MAXINDIGROUP]

GUI grouping hint

Definition at line 327 of file indiapi.h.

◆ label

char _INumberVectorProperty::label[MAXINDILABEL]

Short description

Definition at line 325 of file indiapi.h.

◆ name

char _INumberVectorProperty::name[MAXINDINAME]

Property name

Definition at line 323 of file indiapi.h.

◆ nnp

int _INumberVectorProperty::nnp

Dimension of np[]

Definition at line 337 of file indiapi.h.

◆ np

INumber* _INumberVectorProperty::np

Numbers comprising this vector

Definition at line 335 of file indiapi.h.

◆ p

IPerm _INumberVectorProperty::p

Client accessibility hint

Definition at line 329 of file indiapi.h.

◆ s

IPState _INumberVectorProperty::s

current property state


Definition at line 333 of file indiapi.h.

◆ timeout

double _INumberVectorProperty::timeout

Current max time to change, secs

Definition at line 331 of file indiapi.h.

◆ timestamp

char _INumberVectorProperty::timestamp[MAXINDITSTAMP]

ISO 8601 timestamp of this event

Definition at line 339 of file indiapi.h.

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