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Ekos VM is a virtual machine based upon Kubuntu 16.04 LTS. It Includes KStars, Ekos, and INDI Library including all 3rd party drivers. The VM includes the latest bleeding edge releases of Ekos & INDI, and can easily be updated whenever new builds of the software are available. This virtual machine is intended for new INDI users who want take a look to this software without the work of installing it in his own system or for users of other operating systems not supported by INDI.  The virtual machine was created with VirtualBox but it is stored in the Open Virtualitzation Alliance (OVA) format so it can be used with different virtualization software.

Important: When you first run the VM, you will get an error message about Invalid Network Settings. Simply click Change Network Settings, then click Ok and it shall proceed normally. The VM is using a Bridged Network so that its IP address is visible to your host machine. If you get a black screen on high resolution displays, make sure to increase the VM Video RAM.

Detailed Ekos VM Instructions.

2015-10-31 08:28:00
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3rd Party

Choose from the numerous 3rd party INDI drivers to suit your needs!

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