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Jason Westervelt replied to the topic 'RaspberryPI - GPIO to ST4 Guiding Driver' in the forum. 7 hours 19 minutes ago

I managed to cobble something together using reverse-engineering/repurposing the existing ardust4 and corresponding indi driver. I'll post it to my github once i clean it up a bit, however folks using a RaspberryPi instead of a Pine64 will need to modify the pinout.h file, and if running on 32bit distro, may need to make two small changes to the source. I need to wait until nightfall to test with my gear.

This whole exercise does highlight a large opportunity for INDI development. There really should be a unified RaspberryPi GPIO driver where individual pins can be assigned to things such as focuser control, ST4 guiding, DSLR bulb trigger, flat/cover servo actuation, and so on.


Jim thanked Jasem Mutlaq in topic PHD 2.6 and Ekos external dithering support 12 hours 46 minutes ago
MORELLI replied to the topic 'WebManager' in the forum. 13 hours 37 minutes ago

Ooops! Webmanager is launched automaticaly and when I want to start it manualy, the right answer is : Already in use.
However I meet some problem. I created a wifi adhoc connexion between the laptop and the RPI3.
I have not a proper link with Indi Webmanager. Sometimes it works sometimes no. So It's difficult to describe the situation.


Andrew replied to the topic 'dslr - image info' in the forum. 15 hours 31 minutes ago

Does this mean we should manually set it to 5184x3456 and throw away the first image?


Jasem Mutlaq replied to the topic 'dslr - image info' in the forum. 23 hours 4 minutes ago

Ok so I just tested now. What happens is the first frame captured after connecting to the driver is always full resolution. Subframing can occur at subsequent frames. So I took 2x Light, 2x Bias..etc at 5000x3000 and all resolutions were retained except for the very first frame.

Getting temperature information is not easy and varies from camera to another. Check this thread here:


Jasem Mutlaq replied to the topic 'WebManager' in the forum. 23 hours 51 minutes ago

You are trying to start INDI server from the Web Manager or manually?


Jason Westervelt replied to the topic 'RaspberryPI - GPIO to ST4 Guiding Driver' in the forum. yesterday

Please excuse the extreme thread necromancy...

Is there a raspberry pi GPIO driver for ST4 guiding? I have built an interface using a 4-channel optoisolator and cables, I just need to connect it to a controller, preferably direct to the Pi's GPIO but alternatively through an Arduino. Did anyone ever manage to write up a C++ driver for this? If not, is there an example showing an arduino used as a USB->ST4 interface with INDI?


Jason Westervelt replied to the topic 'WebManager' in the forum. yesterday

check if there is a stale process...

$ ps aux | grep indi

You might need to kill the stale process or reboot.


Stephen created a new topic ' Anyone know how to get Ekos using CloudMakers Astrometry' in the forum. yesterday

Anyone able to get the correct URL for Ekos to make use of Cloud Makers Astrometry for OS X?

It seems Ekos reports:
2017-04-21T17:36:20.423 - DEBG - Alignment: "Solver iteration #1"
2017-04-21T17:36:20.456 - DEBG - Alignment: "Error downloading mountain-lion.local:53695/api/login - server replied: Not Found"
2017-04-21T17:36:20.493 - WARN - Audio notification requested, but sound file from notifyrc file was not found, aborting audio notification

The URL that seems to be used by the submit button for CloudMakers Astrometry is /api/upload/



MORELLI created a new topic ' WebManager' in the forum. yesterday


I use a Raspberry PI3 as a server INDI (Ubuntu-Mate 16.04.1LST) and webmanager on my laptop (same Ubuntu). This morning I can work with this configuration. I light off all the stuff for the lunch.
This afternoon i light on the stuff and impossible to work with my configuration. When I launch the INDI server on the RPI3 I obtain an error:
"socket.error: [Errno 98] Adress already in use"

The only thing that changes was I use a bluetooth keyboard with the raspberry.

What happens ?


Jasem Mutlaq replied to the topic 'QHY (SSPIG orion) not recognised by EKOS' in the forum. yesterday

Please run:

sudo apt-get install libqhy indi-qhy


djibb replied to the topic 'indiwebserver' in the forum. yesterday

Note really sure ;)

I wil take a look :)


Jasem Mutlaq replied to the topic 'indiwebserver' in the forum. yesterday

Is this the latest INDI ATIK driver? Because it should be fixed within the driver quite a while ago


djibb replied to the topic 'indiwebserver' in the forum. yesterday

OK... have to rearrange atik xml :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<devGroup group="CCDs">
<device label="ATIK CCD">
<driver name="ATIK CCD">indi_atik_ccd</driver>

<devGroup group="Filter Wheels">
<device label="ATIK Wheel">
<driver name="ATIK Wheel">indi_atik_wheel</driver>


djibb created a new topic ' indiwebserver' in the forum. yesterday

Hi all :)

on a updated 16.10 on x86 :
I've followed this

And I have some issues :
stro@serveur-astro:~$ /usr/bin/python /home/astro/indiwebmanager/servermanager/
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_qsi.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_nexstarevo.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_aagcloudwatcher.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_qhy.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_dsi.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_miccd.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_sbig.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_asi.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/drivers.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_sx.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_fli.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_maxdomeii.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_eqmod.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_apogee.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_gpsd.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_gphoto.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_fishcamp.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_ffmv.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_duino.xml
Parsing XML file: /usr/share/indi/indi_atik.xml
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/astro/indiwebmanager/servermanager/", line 5, in <module>
from parsedrivers import driversList, findDriverByLabel, DeviceDriver
File "/home/astro/indiwebmanager/servermanager/", line 33, in <module>
tree = ET.parse(file)
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/etree/", line 1182, in parse
tree.parse(source, parser)
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/etree/", line 656, in parse
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/etree/", line 1653, in feed
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/etree/", line 1517, in _raiseerror
raise err

Any ideas ?


Bill replied to the topic 'INDI/Linux driver for the QHY Polemaster, developers needed.' in the forum. 2 days ago

The camera looks to take images just fine in INDI, is there something specific we should be testing out?


Bill replied to the topic 'simultaneous CCD control with RPi (indi)& BT HEQ5 Mount control' in the forum. 2 days ago

petarm wrote: hi krno

i was not connecting to the rpi before. This is what i was doing:

Hand controller to HEQ5 mount, 3 star align, find target, turn on my dslr running magic lantern, start taking continuous photos of the target,
Turn on rpi (my standalone autoguider; it has a small screen, runnung ubuntu mate with phd2 with ST4 port).
Pick my guide star off it would go.

Now my aim is to connect all my equipment to the rpi, the heq5 via BT (cause i have the BT dongle and want to free up a usb port), guider, CCD imager and focuser, etc etc via USB; all to the rpi which is my server running just indi.

Then (via wif i assumed) i remote to my laptop and control everything wireless with ekos/kstars; no cable connections between my gear and my laptop.

Am i missing the point here and this is not possible?? From what i have been reading, this should work.

regards Petarm

I am really confused reading through this. It sounds like you want to connect all of your devices to the RPi3, then connect to that via your laptop without any wires, etc going to the laptop. You should be able to do this by connecting the devices to the PI (via USB, Bluetooth, etc) then loading all of the device drivers for INDI Server. The Pi can connect to your Wireless Network as well, which is the critical part of this.

Then, connect to INDI from KStars/Ekos on your laptop over your wireless network. No need to install KStars and Ekos on the Pi. This is how I have it setup. I control my Pi from my office computer which is hard wired in via GigE and has a wireless network connection on it as well.


Bill replied to the topic 'MoonLite Focus Driver Issue' in the forum. 2 days ago

Problem was solved. Totally my fault. I thought I had the ports set right, and it looks like the MoonLite driver was connecting to the AP port, thus why it was getting bogus data.

Thanks Jasem for the TeamViewer session. :)


So i solved the issue, but its very convoluted, here we go:

You need to install kstars and ekos on the rpi3, not just the basic indiserver stuff. Make sure your rpi3 bluetooth is setup to auto startup (as i am connecting to my heq5 via bluetooth). Make sure rpi3 hotspot connects to your main laptop. Connect all equipment to the rpi3 (heq5, guider, ccd, focuser etc etc) and power up rpi 3.

The next bit will need to be automated as rpi3 will be headless in the field (Im still working out how to do this!!!)

In rpi3, open terminal and do (cause this needs to be done as root):

sudo rfcomm bind hci0 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
sudo chown $user:$user /dev/rfcomm0

Then you need to open kstar/ekos on rpi3 (and create an equipment setup in ekos, do this once and the profile is there).

Then Start INDI in ekos and THE MOUNT COMES TO LIFE WOOO HOOOOO. Looks like this is require to wake up the mount. This is the part you cant do via the laptop. This should be automatic and needs fixing in the code indiserver????? im not a programmer so i would not know.

Now you can close kstars/ekos on the rpi3, you only need to do this to start the heq5 mount when using BT dongle. I dont think you need to do this if you have a HEQ52USB cable attached to your rpi3.

Then In a terminal in rpi3, run indiserver -v -m 100 indi_eqmod_telescope indi_asi_ccd to start the indiserver so it can talk to your laptop.

Finally, open kstars/ekos on your laptop and you can control all you equipment !!!!

and there you have it.



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