Sebastien Riviere replied to the topic 'Nikon D7000 - Sony Nex6' in the forum. 4 days ago

Thanks for the tip RDBeck, I will try and see what makes it to the log file.


Sebastien Riviere replied to the topic 'Nikon D7000 - Sony Nex6' in the forum. 7 days ago

I will work on that, but realise I am a linux newbie...
I will try gphoto2 and get some form of logs.

using gphoto2, I managed to get D7000 config list and finally got a way to capture (click-click) with it.
So I got the D7000 in bulb mode, and used the following command:
gphoto2 --set-config=/main/capturesettings/shutterspeed=56 45 --capture-image
it took a 30s exposure.
operation then triggered an error -1 unspecified.

As for Indi gphoto fiver log, not sure what you mean exactly or what to send you.



Sebastien Riviere created a new topic ' Nikon D7000 - Sony Nex6' in the forum. 7 days ago

I have tried my D7000 on Kstars/Ekos, The long exposure doesnot seem to work.
D7000: Mode M – 1/3200 – quickburst.
KStars : Exp 45s, count 3 and delay set at 30s.

I start the sequence, D7000 start 1st expo
Expo of 30s,
capture et delay = 1’32
expo 30s
capture et delay = 1’10
expo 30s
capture 45s

another test :
D7000 M - bulb - still quickburst
Kstars Exp 45, count 3 and delay 0s.

Le D7000 start 1st expo
expo 30s
Capture of 42s
Expo 30s
Capture 40s
Expo 30s
Capture 40s

So long exposure does not seem to work, timing does not seem to be consistent as capturing time varies

Then the Sony NEX6... is simply not supported/recognised by Kstars/Ekos/Indi.

Any clues and advices on how I could get long pose on D7000 or manage to get the Nex6 working?



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