Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface INDI  1.9.2
DSP::Manager Member List

This is the complete list of members for DSP::Manager, including all inherited members.

getSizes(uint32_t *num, int **sizes)DSP::Managerinline
ISGetProperties(const char *dev)DSP::Managervirtual
ISNewBLOB(const char *dev, const char *name, int sizes[], int blobsizes[], char *blobs[], char *formats[], char *names[], int n)DSP::Managervirtual
ISNewNumber(const char *dev, const char *name, double values[], char *names[], int n)DSP::Managervirtual
ISNewSwitch(const char *dev, const char *name, ISState *states, char *names[], int n)DSP::Managervirtual
ISNewText(const char *dev, const char *name, char *texts[], char *names[], int n)DSP::Managervirtual
Manager(INDI::DefaultDevice *dev)DSP::Manager
processBLOB(uint8_t *buf, uint32_t ndims, int *dims, int bits_per_sample)DSP::Manager
saveConfigItems(FILE *fp)DSP::Managervirtual
setBPS(int bps)DSP::Managerinline
setSizes(uint32_t num, int *sizes)DSP::Managerinline