Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface INDI  1.9.2
Weather Class Reference

Class to provide general functionality of a weather device. More...

#include <indiweather.h>

Detailed Description

Class to provide general functionality of a weather device.

The Weather provides a simple interface for weather devices. Parameters such as temperature, wind, humidity etc can be added by the child class as supported by the physical device. With each parameter, the caller specifies the minimum and maximum ranges of OK and WARNING zones. Any value outside of the warning zone is automatically treated as ALERT.

The class also specifies the list of critical parameters for observatory operations. When any of the parameters changes state to WARNING or ALERT, then the overall state of the WEATHER_STATUS property reflects the worst state of any individual parameter. The WEATHER_STATUS property may be used by clients to determine whether to proceed with observation tasks or not, and whether to take any safety measures to protect the observatory from severe weather conditions.

The child class should start by first adding all the weather parameters via the addParameter() function, then set all the critical parameters via the setCriticalParameter() function, and finally call generateParameterRanges() function to generate all the parameter ranges properties.

Weather update period is controlled by the WEATHER_UPDATE property which stores the update period in seconds and calls updateWeather() every X seconds as given in the property.

IMPORTANT: GEOGRAPHIC_COORD stores latitude and longitude in INDI specific format, refer to INDI Standard Properties for details.

Jasem Mutlaq

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