Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface INDI  1.9.0
Configuration Functions: Functions drivers call to save and load configuraion options.

Drivers can save properties states and values in an XML configuration file. The following functions take an optional filename parameter which specifies the full path of the configuration file. If the filename is set to NULL, the configuration file is locally stored in ~/.indi. By default, two configuration files may exist for each driver:

libindi stores the configuration parameters enclosed in newXXX commands. Therefore, if a configuration file is loaded, the driver property gets updated as if a client is setting these values. This is important to note since some configuration options may only available when the device is powered up or is in a particular state.

If no filename is supplied, each function will try to create the configuration files in the following order:

  1. INDICONFIG environment variable: The functions checks if the envrionment variable is defined, and if so, it shall be used as the configuration filename
  2. Generate filename: If the device_name is supplied, the function will attempt to set the configuration filename to ~/.indi/device_name_config.xml
Jasem Mutlaq
Drivers subclassing INDI::DefaultDevice do not need to call the configuration functions directly as it is handled internally by the class.
libindi 1.1+