Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface INDI  1.9.5
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indiwidgettraits.h File Reference
#include "indiapi.h"

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struct  INDI::WidgetTraits< typename >
struct  INDI::WidgetTraits< IText >
struct  INDI::WidgetTraits< IText >::UpdateArgs
struct  INDI::WidgetTraits< INumber >
struct  INDI::WidgetTraits< INumber >::UpdateArgs
struct  INDI::WidgetTraits< ISwitch >
struct  INDI::WidgetTraits< ISwitch >::UpdateArgs
struct  INDI::WidgetTraits< ILight >
struct  INDI::WidgetTraits< ILight >::UpdateArgs
struct  INDI::WidgetTraits< IBLOB >
struct  INDI::WidgetTraits< IBLOB >::UpdateArgs


 Namespace to encapsulate INDI client, drivers, and mediator classes.