Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface INDI  1.9.5
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libastro.cpp File Reference
#include "libastro.h"
#include "indicom.h"
#include <math.h>
#include <libnova/precession.h>
#include <libnova/aberration.h>
#include <libnova/transform.h>
#include <libnova/nutation.h>

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 Namespace to encapsulate INDI client, drivers, and mediator classes.


void INDI::ObservedToJ2000 (IEquatorialCoordinates *observed, double jd, IEquatorialCoordinates *J2000pos)
 ObservedToJ2000 converts an observed position to a J2000 catalogue position removes aberration, nutation and precession. More...
void INDI::J2000toObserved (IEquatorialCoordinates *J2000pos, double jd, IEquatorialCoordinates *observed)
 *J2000toObserved converts catalogue to observed More...
void INDI::ln_get_equ_nut (ln_equ_posn *posn, double jd, bool reverse)
 apply or remove nutation More...
void INDI::EquatorialToHorizontal (IEquatorialCoordinates *object, IGeographicCoordinates *observer, double JD, IHorizontalCoordinates *position)
 EquatorialToHorizontal Calculate horizontal coordinates from equatorial coordinates. More...
void INDI::HorizontalToEquatorial (IHorizontalCoordinates *object, IGeographicCoordinates *observer, double JD, IEquatorialCoordinates *position)
 HorizontalToEquatorial Calculate Equatorial EOD Coordinates from horizontal coordinates. More...