Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface INDI  1.9.5
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lx200pulsar2.cpp File Reference
#include "lx200pulsar2.h"
#include "indicom.h"
#include "lx200driver.h"
#include <cmath>
#include <cerrno>
#include <cstring>
#include <termios.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <mutex>

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enum  Pulsar2Commands::PECorrection { Pulsar2Commands::PECorrectionOff = 0, Pulsar2Commands::PECorrectionOn = 1 }
enum  Pulsar2Commands::RCorrection { Pulsar2Commands::RCorrectionOff = 0, Pulsar2Commands::RCorrectionOn = 1 }
enum  Pulsar2Commands::TrackingRateInd {
  Pulsar2Commands::RateSidereal = 0, Pulsar2Commands::RateLunar = 1, Pulsar2Commands::RateSolar = 2, Pulsar2Commands::RateUser1 = 3,
  Pulsar2Commands::RateUser2 = 4, Pulsar2Commands::RateUser3 = 5, Pulsar2Commands::RateStill = 6, Pulsar2Commands::RateNone = 99
enum  Pulsar2Commands::MountType { Pulsar2Commands::German = 0, Pulsar2Commands::Fork = 1, Pulsar2Commands::AltAz = 2, Pulsar2Commands::NumMountTypes }
enum  Pulsar2Commands::OTASideOfPier { Pulsar2Commands::EastOfPier = 0, Pulsar2Commands::WestOfPier = 1, Pulsar2Commands::InvalidSideOfPier }
enum  Pulsar2Commands::PoleCrossing { Pulsar2Commands::PoleCrossingOff = 0, Pulsar2Commands::PoleCrossingOn = 1 }
enum  Pulsar2Commands::Rotation { Pulsar2Commands::RotationZero = 0, Pulsar2Commands::RotationOne = 1 }
enum  Pulsar2Commands::SlewMode {
  Pulsar2Commands::SlewMax = 0, Pulsar2Commands::SlewFind, Pulsar2Commands::SlewCenter, Pulsar2Commands::SlewGuide,
enum  Pulsar2Commands::Direction {
  Pulsar2Commands::North = 0, Pulsar2Commands::East, Pulsar2Commands::South, Pulsar2Commands::West,


bool PulsarTX::sendOnly (const int fd, const char *cmd)
bool PulsarTX::confirmed (const int fd, const char *cmd, char &response)
bool PulsarTX::sendReceive (const int fd, const char *cmd, char response[])
bool PulsarTX::sendReceive2 (const int fd, const char *cmd, char response1[], char response2[])
bool PulsarTX::sendReceiveInt (const int fd, const char *cmd, int *value)
void PulsarTX::resyncTTY (const int fd)
const char * Pulsar2Commands::getDeviceName ()
bool Pulsar2Commands::getVersion (const int fd, char response[])
bool Pulsar2Commands::getPECorrection (const int fd, PECorrection *PECra, PECorrection *PECdec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getRCorrection (const int fd, RCorrection *Rra, RCorrection *Rdec)
TrackingRateInd Pulsar2Commands::getTrackingRateInd (const int fd)
MountType Pulsar2Commands::getMountType (const int fd)
int Pulsar2Commands::getSpeedInd (const int fd, const char *cmd)
int Pulsar2Commands::getGuideSpeedInd (const int fd)
int Pulsar2Commands::getCenterSpeedInd (const int fd)
int Pulsar2Commands::getFindSpeedInd (const int fd)
int Pulsar2Commands::getSlewSpeedInd (const int fd)
int Pulsar2Commands::getGoToSpeedInd (const int fd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getSwapTubeDelay (const int fd, int *delay_value)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getPoleCrossingDirection (const int fd, int *direction)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getRamp (const int fd, int *ra_ramp, int *dec_ramp)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setRamp (const int fd, int ra_ramp, int dec_ramp)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getReduction (const int fd, int *red_ra, int *red_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setReduction (const int fd, int red_ra, int red_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getMaingear (const int fd, int *mg_ra, int *mg_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setMaingear (const int fd, int mg_ra, int mg_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getBacklash (const int fd, int *bl_min, int *bl_sec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setBacklash (const int fd, int bl_min, int bl_sec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getHomePosition (const int fd, double *hp_alt, double *hp_az)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setHomePosition (const int fd, double hp_alt, double hp_az)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getUserRate (const int fd, int usr_ind, double *ur_ra, double *ur_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getUserRate1 (const int fd, double *u1_ra, double *u1_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getUserRate2 (const int fd, double *u2_ra, double *u2_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getUserRate3 (const int fd, double *u3_ra, double *u3_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setUserRate (const int fd, int usr_ind, double ur_ra, double ur_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setUserRate1 (const int fd, double ur_ra, double ur_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setUserRate2 (const int fd, double ur_ra, double ur_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setUserRate3 (const int fd, double ur_ra, double ur_dec)
int Pulsar2Commands::getCurrentValue (const int fd, const char *cmd)
int Pulsar2Commands::getTrackingCurrent (const int fd)
int Pulsar2Commands::getStopCurrent (const int fd)
int Pulsar2Commands::getGoToCurrent (const int fd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setMountType (const int fd, Pulsar2Commands::MountType mtype)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setCurrentValue (const int fd, const char *partialCmd, const int mA, const int maxmA)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setTrackingCurrent (const int fd, const int mA)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setStopCurrent (const int fd, const int mA)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setGoToCurrent (const int fd, const int mA)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setSpeedInd (const int fd, const char *partialCmd, const int speedInd, const int maxInd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setGuideSpeedInd (const int fd, const int speedInd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setCenterSpeedInd (const int fd, const int speedInd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setFindSpeedInd (const int fd, const int speedInd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setSlewSpeedInd (const int fd, const int speedInd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setGoToSpeedInd (const int fd, const int speedInd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getSideOfPier (const int fd, OTASideOfPier *ota_side_of_pier)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getPoleCrossing (const int fd, PoleCrossing *pole_crossing)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getRotation (const int fd, Rotation *rot_ra, Rotation *rot_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getSexa (const int fd, const char *cmd, double *value)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getObjectRADec (const int fd, double *ra, double *dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getSiteLatitudeLongitude (const int fd, double *lat, double *lon)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getUTCDate (const int fd, int *m, int *d, int *y)
bool Pulsar2Commands::getUTCTime (const int fd, int *h, int *m, int *s)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setDegreesMinutes (const int fd, const char *partialCmd, const double value)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setSite (const int fd, const double longitude, const double latitude)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setSlewMode (const int fd, const SlewMode slewMode)
bool Pulsar2Commands::moveTo (const int fd, const Direction direction)
bool Pulsar2Commands::haltMovement (const int fd, const Direction direction)
bool Pulsar2Commands::startSlew (const int fd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::abortSlew (const int fd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::pulseGuide (const int fd, const Direction direction, uint32_t ms)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setTime (const int fd, const int h, const int m, const int s)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setDate (const int fd, const int dd, const int mm, const int yy)
bool Pulsar2Commands::ensureLongFormat (const int fd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setObjectRA (const int fd, const double ra)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setObjectDEC (const int fd, const double dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setObjectRADec (const int fd, const double ra, const double dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::park (const int fd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::unpark (const int fd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::sync (const int fd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setSideOfPier (const int fd, const OTASideOfPier ota_side_of_pier)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setTrackingRateInd (const int fd, const TrackingRateInd tri)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setPECorrection (const int fd, const PECorrection pec_ra, const PECorrection pec_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setPoleCrossing (const int fd, const PoleCrossing pole_crossing)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setRCorrection (const int fd, const RCorrection rc_ra, const RCorrection rc_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::setRotation (const int fd, const Rotation rot_ra, const Rotation rot_dec)
bool Pulsar2Commands::isHomeSet (const int fd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::isParked (const int fd)
bool Pulsar2Commands::isParking (const int fd)


char lx200Name [MAXINDIDEVICE]
unsigned int DBG_SCOPE

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unsigned int DBG_SCOPE

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char lx200Name[MAXINDIDEVICE]

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