Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface INDI  2.0.2
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FirmwareInfo Struct Reference

#include <celestrondriver.h>

Public Attributes

std::string Model
std::string Version
std::string RAFirmware
std::string DEFirmware
double controllerVersion
char controllerVariant
bool isGem
bool canPec
bool hasHomeIndex
bool hasFocuser
std::string MainBoardFirmware
std::string ControllerFirmware
bool IsRev2Compliant

Detailed Description

Definition at line 153 of file celestrondriver.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ canPec

bool FirmwareInfo::canPec

Definition at line 163 of file celestrondriver.h.

◆ celestronTrackMode

CELESTRON_TRACK_MODE FirmwareInfo::celestronTrackMode

Definition at line 166 of file celestrondriver.h.

◆ ControllerFirmware

std::string FirmwareInfo::ControllerFirmware

Definition at line 62 of file ieqprolegacydriver.h.

◆ controllerVariant

char FirmwareInfo::controllerVariant

Definition at line 161 of file celestrondriver.h.

◆ controllerVersion

double FirmwareInfo::controllerVersion

Definition at line 160 of file celestrondriver.h.

◆ DEFirmware

std::string FirmwareInfo::DEFirmware

Definition at line 159 of file celestrondriver.h.

◆ hasFocuser

bool FirmwareInfo::hasFocuser

Definition at line 165 of file celestrondriver.h.

◆ hasHomeIndex

bool FirmwareInfo::hasHomeIndex

Definition at line 164 of file celestrondriver.h.

◆ isGem

bool FirmwareInfo::isGem

Definition at line 162 of file celestrondriver.h.

◆ IsRev2Compliant

bool FirmwareInfo::IsRev2Compliant

Definition at line 78 of file pmc8driver.h.

◆ MainBoardFirmware

std::string FirmwareInfo::MainBoardFirmware

Definition at line 61 of file ieqprolegacydriver.h.

◆ Model

std::string FirmwareInfo::Model

Definition at line 155 of file celestrondriver.h.

◆ MountType

PMC8_MOUNT_TYPES FirmwareInfo::MountType

Definition at line 77 of file pmc8driver.h.

◆ RAFirmware

std::string FirmwareInfo::RAFirmware

Definition at line 158 of file celestrondriver.h.

◆ Version

std::string FirmwareInfo::Version

Definition at line 156 of file celestrondriver.h.

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