Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface INDI  2.0.2
Type Struct Reference

Holds the connection type. More...

#include <connectioninterface.h>

Detailed Description

Holds the connection type.

The Interface class is the base class for the DSP plugins of INDI.

The plugins must implement the Callback, which will be called by the DSP::Manager class. All the DSP plugins work multidimensionally, so even for single dimensional streams the meaning is to add a single dimension. Initially classes calls set dimensions and sizes the same as the original picture or frame, later or during processing into the Callback functions the plugins can alter or set dimensions arbitrarily. The plugins return an array which can be of various depths and a BLOB will be generated and sent to the client with the result. The DSP, when enabled by the property xxx_HAS_DSP, will generate properties for activation of the single plugins, and after activation or deactivation, Activate() and Deactivate() methods will be called permitting further properties etc. getSizes()/setSizes() will help within Callback to alter dimensions and sizes, getBPS/setBPS will change color depth or sample size. Classes that use the Interface class children should call processBLOB to propagate until children's Callback methods and generate BLOBs.

See also
INDI::CCD and INDI::SensorInterface utilize the DSP Namespace.

Holds the process type

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