Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface INDI  2.0.2
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hid_device_ Struct Reference

Public Attributes

libusb_device_handle * device_handle
int input_endpoint
int output_endpoint
int input_ep_max_packet_size
int interface
int manufacturer_index
int product_index
int serial_index
int blocking
pthread_t thread
pthread_mutex_t mutex
pthread_cond_t condition
pthread_barrier_t barrier
int shutdown_thread
struct libusb_transfer * transfer
struct input_reportinput_reports
IOHIDDeviceRef device_handle
int uses_numbered_reports
int disconnected
CFStringRef run_loop_mode
CFRunLoopRef run_loop
CFRunLoopSourceRef source
uint8_t * input_report_buf
CFIndex max_input_report_len
pthread_barrier_t shutdown_barrier
HANDLE device_handle
BOOL blocking
USHORT output_report_length
size_t input_report_length
void * last_error_str
DWORD last_error_num
BOOL read_pending
char * read_buf

Detailed Description

Definition at line 93 of file hid_libusb.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ barrier

pthread_barrier_t hid_device_::barrier

Definition at line 118 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ blocking [1/2]

int hid_device_::blocking

Definition at line 112 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ blocking [2/2]

BOOL hid_device_::blocking

Definition at line 135 of file hid_win.c.

◆ condition

pthread_cond_t hid_device_::condition

Definition at line 117 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ device_handle [1/3]

libusb_device_handle* hid_device_::device_handle

Definition at line 96 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ device_handle [2/3]

IOHIDDeviceRef hid_device_::device_handle

Definition at line 120 of file hid_mac.c.

◆ device_handle [3/3]

HANDLE hid_device_::device_handle

Definition at line 134 of file hid_win.c.

◆ disconnected

int hid_device_::disconnected

Definition at line 123 of file hid_mac.c.

◆ input_endpoint

int hid_device_::input_endpoint

Definition at line 99 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ input_ep_max_packet_size

int hid_device_::input_ep_max_packet_size

Definition at line 101 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ input_report_buf

uint8_t* hid_device_::input_report_buf

Definition at line 127 of file hid_mac.c.

◆ input_report_length

size_t hid_device_::input_report_length

Definition at line 137 of file hid_win.c.

◆ input_reports

struct input_report * hid_device_::input_reports

Definition at line 123 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ interface

int hid_device_::interface

Definition at line 104 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ last_error_num

DWORD hid_device_::last_error_num

Definition at line 139 of file hid_win.c.

◆ last_error_str

void* hid_device_::last_error_str

Definition at line 138 of file hid_win.c.

◆ manufacturer_index

int hid_device_::manufacturer_index

Definition at line 107 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ max_input_report_len

CFIndex hid_device_::max_input_report_len

Definition at line 128 of file hid_mac.c.

◆ mutex

pthread_mutex_t hid_device_::mutex

Definition at line 116 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ ol

OVERLAPPED hid_device_::ol

Definition at line 142 of file hid_win.c.

◆ output_endpoint

int hid_device_::output_endpoint

Definition at line 100 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ output_report_length

USHORT hid_device_::output_report_length

Definition at line 136 of file hid_win.c.

◆ product_index

int hid_device_::product_index

Definition at line 108 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ read_buf

char* hid_device_::read_buf

Definition at line 141 of file hid_win.c.

◆ read_pending

BOOL hid_device_::read_pending

Definition at line 140 of file hid_win.c.

◆ run_loop

CFRunLoopRef hid_device_::run_loop

Definition at line 125 of file hid_mac.c.

◆ run_loop_mode

CFStringRef hid_device_::run_loop_mode

Definition at line 124 of file hid_mac.c.

◆ serial_index

int hid_device_::serial_index

Definition at line 109 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ shutdown_barrier

pthread_barrier_t hid_device_::shutdown_barrier

Definition at line 135 of file hid_mac.c.

◆ shutdown_thread

int hid_device_::shutdown_thread

Definition at line 119 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ source

CFRunLoopSourceRef hid_device_::source

Definition at line 126 of file hid_mac.c.

◆ thread

pthread_t hid_device_::thread

Definition at line 115 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ transfer

struct libusb_transfer* hid_device_::transfer

Definition at line 120 of file hid_libusb.c.

◆ uses_numbered_reports

int hid_device_::uses_numbered_reports

Definition at line 122 of file hid_mac.c.

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