LAVAL, France

Postal code/ZIP : 38190
Town/Suburb/City : LAVAL
Country : France
Phone : +33(0)476456226
My igloo (as my wife calls it) is located not too far away from Grenoble, France. Altitude = 750 m - above the smog of the valley. I bought a used Sirius Observatory three years ago and equipped it with a Celestron CGE Pro 1100 EdgedHD. I am a Mac user. Everybody told me that I should go Windows to do astronomy. This is not true. I started using TheSkyX but I was really disappointed by the poor support (they take years to correct bugs) ... and the unjustified price ! I discovered recently INDI and KStars : this was a revelation for me as for the simplicity + efficiency of the interface. The support is also so much more reactive than with TheSkyX ! (thanks Jasem and all other volunteers) I just bought a StellarMate gadget and start using it.