byhan.k, August 1, 2018
USB_Focus v3

[quote="jpaana" post=28122]USB_FocusV3 serial communication protocol is a bit problematic as it doesn't have any synchronization points, it just assumes every command is 6 characters and gives an error if it doesn't recognize it. Most other protocols have a start character like >, # or similar so that the device knows when a command starts and can synchronize with it. This causes problems if ModemManager or INDI auto search for example writes something to the serial port as the device goes out of sync with this 6 character cycle. In my case uninstalling ModemManager and disabling auto search for all devices (I use udev-rules to create aliases for all devices anyway so for example USB_Focus is always /dev/focuser regardless of what port number it happens to get) helped and haven't had any connection problems since. The driver could be made a bit more robust so that it would try to resync by sending space characters for example until the device responds with error and that it what I used to do with minicom before uninstalling ModemManager.[/quote]

[quote="han.k" post=28127]That helps. :)

sudo apt-get remove modemmanager

Can this be documented or is it? Will add this to the review.

Now things starting working again including my bluetooth connection. Waisted too much time on this.

I noted that the focus position is not from the focuser but from the software. So it starts at zero.

An other generic remark for INDI is that scan port doesn't detect bluetooth serial ports, so in my case /dev/rfcomm0[/quote]
EQMOD for Linux, version, 0.3 interface 0.5

To use this driver you will need the INDI library installed. To run it there are three ways:
1) Start it with INDIserver using the following command:
INDIserver INDI_eqmod_telescope
2) Use INDIstarter program to start it.
3) Ekos

To control your telescope you could use:

I have tested 1) and 2) with the Hallo Northern Sky (HNSKY) planetarium program v3.3ß11 and this driver works fine. In the INDI client there are many settings and INDIcator available. As a minimum you have to set in the in the INDI client the following: the serial port, serial speed , time in UTC and your location on earth.

Simulation mode
In the INDI client you can activated a simulation mode in TAB called “alignment”. This simulation mode can be activated manually only and can’t be saved. Only after setting this simulation mode, you can connect to the device in simulation mode and all menu options becomes visible in the INDI client. This is nice option to test the setup.

Practical test with HEQ5pro
I used for testing an HEQ5 mount connected with an EQMOD direct cable (USB to serial TTL level) and a Linux system running in VMWare.
TAB “Options”, The default port is: /dev/ttyUSB0 at speed 9600 but you can change and save the port setting in the INDI client. In the INDI client you can also set the time but is seem take time and time zone from the Linux operating system after restart.The INDI client besides UTC doesn’t display your local time but the Julian date and sidereal time which for most people is not understandable. So you better double check the UTC INDIcation. UTC is also used in the messages.

It is important that you set your location in the INDI client correctly !! It only accept your location if you enter an elevation other then zero. If the location is not set correctly, the EQMOD driver will miss the correct Meridian Flip and easily hit your pier !!. This is problem of all equatorial mounts. However the EQMOD driver doesn’t load these settings by itself. You have to do it manually or let the client (planetarium program) do it for you, so better check the location and UTC time before your telescope hits the pier.

The park position can be set in TAB “site management“ in encoder positions and saved. In HNSKY you could mark conveniently an azimuth and altitude position with the mouse popup menu and set the encoder park position from there. You have to save the encoder position manually to make it permanent. Parking/Unparking works then correctly.

I didn’t check the advance alignment options.

Resume, EQMOD for Linux&INDI works fine with HNSKY. I have the following observations:

- It took 20 to 30 seconds to connect to the HEQ5pro, so be patient.
- While slewing to an object it doesn’t accept any new slew commandos.
- Load of your settings (location) must be done manually or by the client.
- Load doesn’t work in the simulation mode.

For the rest it worked flawlessly.