• HOWTO configure, compile, wire, print and assemble the induino MeteoStation


    The induino MeteoStation is a complete weather station with arduino firmware, indilib driver and a webinterface with current status and graphs that range back in time from 3 hours to one month.
    The indilib driver is capable of issuing alerts, like daytime, clouded, frezzing and more. Indi clients will react to alerts and can be configured to close your observatory and stop the imaging session in unsafe conditions.
    MeteoStation does not have a wind or rain sensor, but can be used in combination with wunderground weather trough Meta weather for an extended weather service. There is also seldom rain without the detection of clouds.

    This howto will show you how to setup and build the induino meteostation.
    I will use the Adafruit Trinket Pro 5v, but other compatible arduinos could be used.
    Keep in mind that the SDA and SDL ports are used for the Ir and pressure sensor. Digital pin 3 is used for the humidity sensor and analog 0 for the ir radiance sensor.
    For the Trinket pro we will also use ground, 5v, RX and TX of the FTDI header, as the Trinket does not support serial console over the USB port.

    Meteostation can be used as a ‘standalone’ weather station for any none observatory use. This could be a raspberry pi or almost any other linux box running apache with indilib installed locally.