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Raspberry PI

INDI Drivers desiged to run on Raspberry PI embeded computer.



AstroArch is a 64bit OS that works on Raspberry 3/4. It packages all INDI drivers and tries to stay always up to date with the latest INDI and Kstars releases. Based on ArchLinuxARM it's not your everyday raspbian but it's thought to be as user friendly a ...

Astroberry Server Popular

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Astroberry Server


Astroberry Server is a ready to use system for Raspberry Pi for controlling all your astronomy equipment. It handles all astronomy equipment supported by INDI server.   Features Astroberry Server features: Raspbian Buster Desktop Support for ...


The script is meant to automate the many setup steps involved with configuring a Raspberry Pi 3 so that it can be an Astrophotography hub using INDI, KStars, and Ekos.

Raspberry Pi Camera


Installation RPI Camera Driver currently supports the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera in full raw mode. Under Ubuntu, you can install the driver via: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mutlaqja/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install indi-rpicam ...

Raspberry Pi GPIO control

The Raspberry Pi GPIO driver allows you to control up to five GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi. Typically, each GPIO pin is connected to an opto-isolator circuit or Raspberry Pi hat to control larger voltages and currents. The driver uses the pigpio library a ...


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StellarMate is the Next Generation Internet-Of-Things (IoT) astrophotography gadget! StellarMate is powered by Open Astronomy Instrumentation protocols (INDI), and Ekos, a cross-platform astrophotography suite for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It supports h ...

StellarMate OS


For experienced users who already own a Raspberry PI 3 unit, StellarMate OS is a complete software package ready for deployment on your RPI3. It is provided as an OS Image file (.img) that you can burn to an SD card and fire it up immediately to enjoy the ...


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Scripts to build TinyAstro image. TinyAstro is a ARM Linux system with Kstars and INDI libs. With your mobile phone or tablet, you can control your gears without a computer.