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Need Help: ScopeDome / Astropberry
Thank you very much for installation of INDI onto an Ubuntu system.

I am using an Astroberry on RPi4/4GB with preinstalled INDI.
* Camera is working well
* same for EQ8
* and some switches and guiding camera


there is no way to connect to scopdome arduino

If I am entering the default URL into the browser then I can see the web page of the scopedome driver. I can rotate, open/close and do some other get-commands via the HTML-GUI.
But I haven't had any luck in connection via INDI (EKOS). It's independent whether I am using Ethernet with the above URL and Port 80 or serial over USB.

Help me please !

Best regards

Owner's reply

Unfortunately the ScopeDome driver currently only supports the older ScopeDome USB Card 2.1 which I have myself. The newer Arduino card uses totally different protocol so supporting it would require some work and especially testing as I don't have access to one.

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