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Latest INDI & KStars are available for Arch Linux & Derivatives like Manjero & Antegros.

1. Install INDI & KStars

sudo pacman -Syu
sudo pacman -S --needed kstars breeze-icons yaourt binutils patch cmake make libraw libindi gpsd gcc
yaourt -Sya --noconfirm libindi_3rdparty

2. Astrometry.net

yaourt -Sya sextractor-bin
yaourt -Sya astrometry.net

Determine what Index files you require and then download them. Or you can use KStars to download them for you.

wget broiler.astrometry.net/\~dstn/4100/index-4107.fits
wget broiler.astrometry.net/\~dstn/4100/index-4108.fits
wget broiler.astrometry.net/\~dstn/4100/index-4109.fits
sudo mv index-410[789].fits /usr/share/astrometry/data