INDI Library v1.9.9 Released 30 Nov 2022

Bi-monthly INDI Library released with new drivers and bug fixes.
What's Changed:
+ Driver for OpenAstroTech mounts by @anjok in #1737
+ Feature: INDI::Property onUpdate event by @pawel-soja in #1738
+ Enable fedora build by @pawel-soja in #1742
+ DRIVER_INFO also present for F2 focuser so that the device is detected by @sterne-jaeger in #1744
+ Enable INDI_BUILD_QT5_CLIENT by @pawel-soja in #1743
+ spec_199: update the spec to 1.9.9 by @xsnrg in #1746
+ Shorten Labels so they're less likely to get clipped by the ekos indi… by @amendolajamie in #1748
+ DeepSkyDad AF3: Mark as OK after backlash compensation by @pmneo in #1747
+ Add Excalibur Driver by @rbfocus in #1750
+ Improved star brightness handling for higher gain by @sterne-jaeger in #1751
+ Add Gemini L6 Flip Points by @amendolajamie in #1752
+ Reopen - Refactoring & Feature INDI::Property onUpdate event by @pawel-soja in #1741
+ lx200_OnStep minor fix by @azwing in #1756
+ Fix CI errors by @knro in #1754
+ Fix install dir for MacOS by @pawel-soja in #1757
+ Add missing rule for switch by @pawel-soja in #1760
+ Shared pointers for INDI::BaseDevice by @knro in #1761
+ Fix client disconnect event by @pawel-soja in #1763
+ Built-in shared pointers for INDI::BaseDevice by @pawel-soja in #1764
+ Update weather interface to define update period, refresh and override by @knro in #1766
+ Fix Fedora CI - update packages by @pawel-soja in #1769
+ Refactor CMakeLists - separation of libraries by @pawel-soja in #1767
+ Swig fix: add conversion constructors by @pawel-soja in #1771
+ Automatically take the version from the main CMakeLists.txt by @pawel-soja in #1772
+ Use modern INDI::PropertyXXX in INDI::Property by @pawel-soja in #1770
New Contributors
+ @anjok made their first contribution in #1737
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