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Best alignment procedure?

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This seems like a simple question, but I'm not clear on the procedure to align my scope when using Astroberry. Is it assumed that I'll use the scope itself to align first? I'd love to be able to just turn on the scope pointed anywhere and plate solve an image to align, then hit the track button and go. Is that possible?

I'm trying things out using an AZ-GTi in alt az mode via serial, which connects and moves the scope just fine. I just don't know the best way to align it!

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The AZ-GTi in alt-az mode seems to assume it's starting in level-north orientation. It's not too picky about being exactly level or being pointed truly north, but you'll probably have faster solves and alignment if you get it in the neighborhood (~10 degrees).

Since my level-north points at an obstruction I just aim for something bright, like Sirius. Find the target either with the mount control tab or in the planetarium view, and GOTO. When the mount reports that it's tracking, it'll be pretty close to the target, at which point I can use the alignment tab to capture and slew. Once it's within acceptable limits, I'll capture and sync, so that the mount knows where it's pointed and so does my external planetarium software (stellarium)
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