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Kstars crashing

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I am trying to fix the problem of Kstars crashing since upgrading my equipment.  Started investigating if this is due to USB chain/connections to raspberry Pi 4.Previous rig which worked very well for over a year and was:  Astroberry on PI 4 with Meade LX200 classic driver, Rigel (Pulsar) Dome driver. and ZWO ASI 120 mini guide camera. The mount was connected to the PI with a USB 2 to serial cable and the dome and guide camera with USB2 cables.  The CCD camera, aligning and focuser modules were not used as my Nikon D3200 DSLR imaging camera is too old and no SDK supported by Nikon so software apps don't work. I used PHD2 for guiding.I upgraded my rig 2 months ago and have not managed to run a stable Astroberry system since then. I am disheartened and seriously thinking of abandoning Astroberry for another system.  The problem could relate to power or USB cabling/connections as my rig is more complicated now.  I believe the 3 power supplies used are adequate and I have bought good quality USB cables.My current rig is: Astroberry Pi 4.  EQ8-R Pro main board (RA and DEC control) connected to PI USB 2 socket using USB 2 cable (EQMod Mount driver).  Pulsar dome connected to PI USB 2 socket using USB 2 cable.  EQR-8 integrated USB 3 hub connected to PI USB 3 socket using USB 3 cable.  ZWO ASI 2600 MM Pro connected to EQR-8 integrated USB 3 hub using USB 3 cable. ZWO EFW connected to ZWO ASI 2600 MM Pro port using USB 2 cable.  ZWO EAF connected to  EQR-8 integrated USB 3 hub using USB 2 cable.  ZWO ASI 120 mini guide camera connected to  EQR-8 integrated USB 3 hub using USB 2 cable.I am seeing a lot of entries in /var/log/syslog when operating the telescope 'reset high-speed usb device ...'  I have attached the syslog  

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where I have started up Kstars and EKOS then taken a single image.  The weird thing is I see entries in the syslog referring to pulseaudio and headphones!  Why I don't know as I don't have headphones. Just started investigating the USB connections but is would be nice to have this mystery cleared up at the start.  I am using the EQ8-R integrated powered USB 3 hub with ZWO cameras, filter wheel and focuser connected. The imaging camera is USB 3 and the others USB2 connections.  Is it OK to mix USB 2 and 3 and has anyone seen issues with the skywatcher hub?  Any help would be appreciated to get my rig stable again. 
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