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Errors with polar alignment and solving

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I´m starting with astrophotography and I´m using Astroberry in my Raspberry3. I did a couple of session without any problem, but yesterday nothing worked...

My first issue is with polar alignment. I set my telescope pointing to polar star and I started with alignment assistant. If I use my main camera (ASI 294 MM in binning 2 mode), triangle appears, but if I click with the mouse over a star, triangle moves to a different zone of the image. It is like a bad correspondence between the cursor position and the image.
However, if I use my guide camera (binning 1), it works fine. I don´t know if the problem is with big images or with binning 2. I can´t try with binning 1 and ASI 294 because my raspberry has not enough RAM to handle it.
In the next image you can see the triangle and I´m unable to move it down. That triangle position appears when I click over the right bottom corner of the image.

When I achieved align using my guide telescope, I clicked on "capture and solve" with "sync" option selected (pointing to polar star), and I got a big error:

When I try to go to and object using Kstars, telescope goes to a completely wrong direction. Is it related to the big error I have with the solving? Should I set my home position in Ekos in any way? I only power on my mount and start with the alignment.
I´m trying to remember if I did something different in previous sessions. Perhaps I did a image solving whitout sync previously, but I had not problems and object was well localized.

Can anybody help me?

Thank you!
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