INDI Library v1.8.0 is Released (27 Jul 2019)

INDI Library v1.8.0 is mostly a maintenance release to fix a few bugs in several drivers.

Path out of State of broken

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Path out of State of broken was created by AradoSKYindi


I seem to be in a repeatable cyclical pattern of diminishing returns with RPI3B+ and AstroBerry.

The troubles that are mounting are OS related. The first area is Swap File. The AstroBerry GUI doesn’t have a path to set it to any other device. Command line does work. A GUI front end to troubleshoot issues would be nice. Warnings about the swap file on the same partition as the OS are valid.

The second is sudo. Sudo has stopped displaying its output. Hmm... Did an update kill echo out?

The third is DEB files. I am getting repeated error messages attempting to install any DEB file. Software Index is broken. Check that 1) for broken packages = none, 2) the rights to some directory/file is corrupted = Chmod 777 = no change, 3) or the file /etc/apt/sources.lists is corrupt. Every suggested remedy does not work. With a dead sudo, any sudo apt-get install -f returns to command line. Any errors should show up in some OS log. None are found to justify the error message.

The fourth is boot console. Raspi-config changes to look for Left Shift are ignored to get to boot repair console.

I am going to start with deleting the swap file. I have a spare USB drive to place the swap file.

The start of these troubles is attempting to get a brain dead QHYCCD QHY5LII to work in EKOS. Bought new, The QHYCCD device shuts down when asked to SNAP or RECORD any object. EKOS sees the device, gets its details, and connected. Ask it to live stream or record and nothing is placed in the SER files. The QHY5LII light goes out. This looks like a mismatched Firmware. Nope. Under Windows 10 and RUN AS administrator, every QHYCCD tool causes the light to go out.

OaCapture was claimed by the OS to be an installed app without a resource. Sudo apt-get update does not find oaCapture. Running gdebi to uninstall yields the Software Index is broken.

Supposedly, QHYCCD and the vendor are working the QHY5LII issue. Getting AstroBerry stable now is my focus. What options are available to turn of AstroBerry to back to Ubuntu-Mate for troubleshooting? The reverse should get me back to AstroBerry. Thank you.
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Replied by AradoSKYindi on topic Path out of State of broken


The SUDO issue is resolved. I was able to find the problem. The BASH_PROFILES had a pipe to &> /dev/null. I removed this and the output came back after a reboot.

A bad DEB package was preventing DEB packages from running. Removal of the errant install allow DEB to work.

The QHY5LII is dead as said under EZ Cypress tools and Windows 10. Cypress Express tools requires nearly all tools to be run as Administrator. This is an old and now dead device. We can mark this closed.
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