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Atstroberry control of NexStar 8SE

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I don't understand what you are referencing. The port at the bottom of the hand controller (NexStar+) is specifically described as a PC port. And is also described as being used with Celestron's software packages and firmware updates. Are you looking at current specifications? Please see this short description from the NexStar resource site: nexstarsite.com/PCControl/USBCable.htm

My OTA is >20 years old, and the controller base was failing. So I very recently bought the SE base/controller with the NexStar+ Hand Controller. The hand controller has the mini USB connector for the purposes I described above.

I never suggested that you thought my OTA failed. I do not believe that I am making myself clear.

Celestron software can control the scope through a connection to this USB port in the hand controller. It is what it is for. Therefore it seems that Astroberry should be able to do the same.

I don't understand the references you are making, can you share a link?

Also, are you using Astroberry to control a Celestron SE type scope?
Thanks, Bill
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The referenced USB cable plugs into the input port of the controller. The referenced cable plugs into the PC. This is a closed loop. The “and” is missing. That “and” is the mount. The PC must see the mount. The controller sees the mount. The PC sees the controller only. The mount contains the RA and DEC motors. Motors are controlled by the hand controller in this NexStar model.

Something must happen for INDI to see the mount. One method is to use the ST4 port. The PC would see the mount through the ST4 port.

The Adafruit HAT can control RA and DEC motors which are accessible through a port or wiring. I use an AstroEQ to manage my external RA and DEC. To me, the Adafruit must have a custom cable to manage the mount through the ST4. The Adafruit and RPI4B replace the controller.

I am suggesting a picture of the assembly be taken to see how these three devices are being implemented. Add the picture here.
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The motor hat is only to control the stepper motor that will be used for the focuser. It is not intended to be used to control the mount.
I know the "mount" contains the the RA/DA motors. And the hand controller controls those motors. The expectation is for Astroberry (via Kstars/Ekos?) to control the mount. The description for Astroberry includes it's ability to do this.
I am using a USB cable to connect the Astroberry/Raspberry Pi to the USB port on the bottom of the hand controller.
I do not understand what the ST4 port is.

Please understand that I am only asking for the Astroberry/Pi to control the mount.
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Hello Bill,

Yes, I do understand. However, the way Astroberry works and the way the NexStar works are completely divergent paths. Here is why.

The Hand Controller is another Astroberry. What I am reading is Astroberry plugging into Astroberry. This is why it isn't working.

The RPI4B must be plugged into the Mount and not the Hand Controller. The Astroberry must use the ST4 port and talk with the mount. Astroberry talks with Mounts. Selecting a Mount is the critical path requirement.

Every Profile must contain a Telescope Emulator to create, edit and save an EKOS profile. EKOS mounts INDI. The Profile is a collection of INDI devices identified as being part of the OTA.

Thank you for describing what the Adafruit device was committed to. It can also be used to control motors for mounts.
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