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Astroberry Help

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Hi all,

I'm new to using astroberry and raspberry pi. I recently purchased a Pi 4 b. Once received I flashed a micro sd with astroberry  And below are my observations / questions / frustrations with it so far.  I am using a windows 10 pc. Eventually I want astroberry to control imaging and mount functions. Also my mount is within range of my homes wifi.

-Initially I was able to connect via astroberry wifi and astroberry.local/.  The program itself seemed to lag as I navigated it, however I was able to connect and use my Canon 60da. I was happy so I called it a night.

-Went to connect last night so I could use astroberry over my home wifi instead of the astroberry wifi. I could not for the life of me find the astroberry hotspot on my computer or my iphone.  So I plugged the Pi into the ethernet directly. Still no luck. The Pi would not connect to astroberry local or

So I reflashed the micro sd with astroberry. Still had the problems not finding the astroberry hot spot with either my phone, my wifes laptop, or my desktop.

I plugged back into the ethernet and I was finally able to reach the connect screen on the astroberry server.  However it would not connect, and it kept saying "Service Not Available"

So any possible solutions to my issues? Could my Pi unit be bad?  From what I understand the astroberry wifi should be easy to find. And it should be easy to witch to my homes wifi network once everything is running, but at this point I can't even get the astroberry server to show up.

Thanks for your help,


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Replied by Avocette on topic Astroberry Help

These days I use Astroberry in one of two distinct ways: Indoors connected to my home WiFi with a monitor and keyboard attached (for updating or downloading astrometry files from the Internet, or Outdoors using KStars etc connected to the Hotspot. The last thing I do before closing down the indoors set up is to go into ‘Edit Connections’ and delete the WLAN references to my house network. This prevents any risk of Astroberry making an unexpected connection to the house router (which has happened in the past), and therefore being uncontrollable from my outdoors laptop.
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Replied by Stephan on topic Astroberry Help

Here is something to try: You can define the priority in which astroberry tries to make connections. Use the "manage networks" from the rasberry control tab to define your connections (home wifi, astroberry hotspot, ethernet cable) and give them a priority in which astroberry tries to make these connections. I use ehternet and hotspot with highest priority, then home wifi, then cell phone hotspot.
See the forum entry of "endless-sky" here for a more detailed description: www.cloudynights.com/topic/753382-trying...-a-wired-connection/
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