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Minor monthly bugfix release with a new RainbowAstro mount driver and improved pier side simulation.

ToupTek GCMOS Driver

4 months 2 weeks ago
El Corazon
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ToupTek GCMOS Driver #44350

stefanr wrote: Hi,
The last post on this topic was written more than a year ago.
Does anyone know if ToupTek cameras (USB 2.0) are working with StellarMate now?

On the camera compatibility list here on indilib.org it looks like all ToupTek cameras are supported, but I want to be sure since I already tried a ZWO ASI camera and failed due to the apparently "well known" issue with ASI USB 2.0 firmware not working correctly with Linux.
And this topic also makes me extra careful about getting a ToupTek camera.

I am thinking about getting this one:

But it must work with StellarMate, otherwise I will return it.

Thanks in advance,

Never used one of those, but I can vouch for the ASI120MM-S.

That does work like a charm.

I also have the ASI120MM (USB2 version) as you do, so I can speak from direct comparison.

Your experience with the ASI120MM mini mirrors my experience with the ASI120MM.

But, as I said, the ASI120MM-S works like a charm, so I would highly recommend going for that. Anything else is just another experiment.

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