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HELP - RPI3 - ASI1600 - ASIGetExpStatus failed (0)

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HELP - RPI3 - ASI1600 - ASIGetExpStatus failed (0) #14143
You all replied so quick, and I am grateful for it. Sorry I was not able to update sooner. I wish to correct that now.

In short all seems to be working now. Hoping for clear skies tomorrow to confirm all works. Thank you all for the great support it is most appreciated.


- Not successful
- INDIserver/servermanager.py running as user pi. ASI224 fails to connect. Potential solution is to move the 99-asi.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d instead of /lib/udev/rules.d. I have not been able to get this to work yet, and assume it is something I missed.
- Configuring ZWO CCD in the CCD and guider section.

- Successful: (allowing Ekos to work so far)

- Jan 23rd update allowed ASI1600 to capture and save as expected.
- INDIserver, or servermanager.py running as user root works: ASI24 connects. 99-asi.rules is left in /lib/udev/rules.d
- Both ZWO cameras configured in INDIServer as CCDs only; guiders is left blank

Remaining tests - mount tracking, ASI224 auto guiding, while ASI1600 and ASI EFW doing captures.

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