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ATIK driver doesn't work if ArtemisHSCService is running!

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Hi! In last couple of weeks we received a lot of bug reports regarding CloudMakers drivers and Atik cameras on Mac computers with no apparent cause. One of our users (thank you Michael) finally found, that the problem is ArtemisHSCService running on the background. This piece of software is installed as a side effect of installation of Nebulosity4 or TheSkyX. Once installed, it runs all the time even if you removed Nebulosity4 or TheSkyX and keeps any connected camera exclusively opened and thus avoiding any other driver to access the camera.

The issue is confirmed and we're working on it with Atik guys already, but until some substantial changes are implemented on both sides, this service can't coexist with any version of our driver (INDI, INDIGO or standalone SDK = AstroImager, AstroGuider, INDI Server for OSX, Ekos, AstroDMx...) and probably also with AOSX driver (included e.g. in Nebulosity3).

If verbose logging is turned on in any driver, you can see, that libusb_set_configuration() will fail with LIBUSB_ERROR_NO_DEVICE error during camera initialisation.

The only solution for now is to uninstall the service. You can find unistall.sh script in service installation package. If you don't have it anymore, you can download it from here again:


Let me know if you will have some further questions...

Clear sky, Peter
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