INDI Library v1.8.6 Released (21 Aug 2020)

August 2020 release of INDI Library v1.8.6 introduces new drivers while providing fixes and improvements to existing devices and core framework.

ASI1600 cooler comes on by default

1 year 7 months ago
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ASI1600 cooler comes on by default #35166
Even if I set Cooler Off and save in my config, whenever I start up INDI the cooler comes on and seems to be setting to 0 degrees.
I *think* what is happening (from a quick look at the code) is that when the ZWO driver starts up it loads the Cooler Off switch config but the temperature defaults to zero. And setting the temperature always turns the Cooler On, overriding the switch.
I like to have the cooler off at first to reduce the load on the power supply at startup but there is no way I can make this happen without unplugging the cooler power.

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