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Support for Redhat

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Support for Redhat was created by James

A few months back I wrote some code to take pictures with a few cameras in ubuntu because all of the tutorials here worked with ubuntu. Those are working great. I need to migrate everything over to a Red Hat server, but I'm having trouble translating the directions from ubuntu and debian based packages over to a red hat based installation.

Namely I need to install python bindings for gphoto2, python bindings for the indi lib itself, etc. All of the tutorials seem to assume an ubuntu based distribution.

Can anyone provide guidance on how I'd set up an indi server running indi cannon ccd driver accessible through python in Red Hat? The environment that I have to work on must be Red Hat, so I don't have much of a choice on how I do this.

Is it a matter of compiling some C libraries and pulling over some python files to wrap them?

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Redhat server is really not intended for this use, as you remarked many required packages are not available on this system.

A good start is to install EPEL which add many packages from Fedora to Redhat server:

Then for everything else that is missing you need to install from source. This can be a big work to solve all the dependencies and even more work to maintain.
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Replied by James on topic Support for Redhat

Yes, I figured that might be the case. Thank you so much for your reply.

I work for a client that only allows production code to be deployed on Red Hat for security/auditing/etc purposes. That requirement is non-negotiable, unfortunately. I'll try to see if I make any headway with doing things this way.

The main things that need to be accomplished

1. Install indi sever from source [check]
2. Install python wrappers for indi lib (issues with dependencies)
3. Install gphoto2, indi cannon ccd drivers, etc for red hat (figuring out what needs to be done right now, I have the backend library installed for C/C++ but no python interface or command line interface yet it seems).

Will follow up to let know if the package extensions help.

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