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Problems connecting QHY268C (different IDs on Raspberry and Odroid)

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I stucked into the following problem:
I wanted to set up an Odroid system with Kstars, EKOS, INDI... Regarding the setup I followed the instructions from Jerry:


So yesterday I tried a "dryrun" of the system (kstars 3.5.2, indi 1.8.9) with my ASI290 mini, QHY268C and telescope simulator. The ASI camera was connected without problems, but the QHY wasnt found. So I checked per lsusb, which shows an entry for the QHY. But it was not found by kstars. I also tried different USB ports, connected it before or after starting the odroid, no change.

Today I tried an update to kstars 3.5.3 and indi 1.9.0, but still the same. So again I checked lsusb and dmesg (which I didnt checked yesterday) with the following result (see dmesg_lsusb_ODROID.png).

I was wondering about the "unsupported device" in the dmesg! Since the QHY worked on Stellarmate and Astroberry with Raspberry Pi4B 4GB I connected the QHY on the Raspi with the following result (see dmesg_lsusb_RASPI.png):

There are some differences: on the Raspi the QHY is listed in lsusb as ID1618:C269, on Odroid as ID1618:c268! In dmesg the c268 can also be seen in the Raspi, but after that the 1618:c269 is connected.

Can anybody give me advice whats going wrong here? The setup works on two different Raspberrys in the same way. What is wrong in the Odroid setup?


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Ji Jürgen,

I had the same problem with my QHY183C.
I installed lasted sdk from qhy for the camera and installed the sdk (it installs fxload file in /sbin also)
see this discussion about an another qhy camera (www.indilib.org/forum/ccds-dslrs/8161-in...ono-pro.html?start=0).

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Hi. Thank you for your reply :-) Now it works, kstars connects to the QHY! I took some frames, works well. But in dmesg there are still some weired comments: 

"unsupported device"... I reinstalled the current qhy-files from the official repo from Jasem, because I thought I overwrote something due to the SDK installation, but no change. Maybe I dont have to worry, but would be good to know whats going on...
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