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Change UISwitchVector label

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I want to develop an improved version for the DragonFly controller, so that I can send a pulse to open and close the roof when that dragonfly relay is configured to send a pulse. Now it only opens the relay until the sensor is closed, which no works in all scenarios.

I am getting the data from each relay correctly, but now I want to change the label of each relay, so instead to show "Relay #1", the driver shows "Lights", for example. But I'm not able to change the layer of the switch vector, in this page seems that there's a function to change the label 

error: no member named 'setLabel' in '_ISwitchVectorProperty'                    

can anyone give me some indications?

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Radek did the same thing inside its "Astroberry-DIY" drivers collection. You can find it here: github.com/rkaczorek/astroberry-diy and look in astroberry_relays .h and .cpp.
Hope this helps.

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