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OpenWRT and INDI

3 months 2 weeks ago
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OpenWRT and INDI #39798
Would it be possible to use a router equipped with a USB port running on OpenWRT to run an instance of INDI server from which the mount can be controlled remotely over either ethernet or wifi?

I happen to have bought such a router (still on its way) for another purpose but won't be needing it for that anymore, so it occurred to me I might be able to take advantage of it to reduce cable clutter a bit and control my mount from a bit further away.

Someone has definitely tried this in the past as they posted a page on their website about it, but the link has gone dead:
The archived version - from 2010 - suggests they had packaged indi-server 0.5 as an .ipk

Has anyone else tried this? I imagine an OpenWRT build environment would be needed to compile the INDI packages for installation, which is what I'm going to be looking into next.

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3 months 2 weeks ago
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OpenWRT and INDI #39806
I'm not very familiar with OpenWRT environment.. is is regular Linux environment? can you build C++ from source? Does it support C++11?

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