INDI Library v1.8.3 Released (02 Jan 2020)

Minor monthly bugfix release with a new RainbowAstro mount driver and improved pier side simulation.

DST setting in mount

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DST setting in mount #49239
The Celestron mount time uses local time, the time zone and a DST offset of one hour. The INDI mount base uses an offset only which means that the DST setting needs to be handled separately.

On reading the time I read the DST setting from the mount and use it to update the offset appropriately but when writing the time to the mount I apply the offset and force the DST to 0. This will change the time shown on the mount.

I'd like to regularise this and I'm wondering what other drivers do to handle this, options I can see are:
  • Ignore it. Always set DST to 0.
  • Add a DST setting to the Mount Info tab. Ideally a check box which is checked when DST is used.
  • Read the current DST setting from the mount and use that.
What do people think?


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