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"GoTo" to finish framing over ST4 on non-GoTo mount

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Hello everyone,

First of all thanks to the entire community for the rich amount of posts that helped me solve most of my Ekos/Kstars/INDI related issues so far. But I am now in a situation where searching around the forum didn't lead to satisfactory results.

My current situation is that I own an old EQ-5 mount that I motorized and that I can guide through a ASI120 MM mini and ST4. The motors are capable of slewing at 0.5x, 2x, 16x the sideral speed so it's definitely not enough for complete GoTo capabilities but I currently rely on the (ableit crappy) setting circles, the command pad (at 16x) and the plate solving module in Ekos for my framing sequence.

Usually, my sequence is:
  1. Manually slew to a bright star near the object (can be seen in the viewfinder of my Fuji X-T2)
  2. Focus using a Bathinov mask (need to try the Bathinov algo in the focus module, just found about it)
  3. Plate solve, set the setting circles, move "close" to the target
  4. Plate solve, use the pad to move the mount in the inverse of the direction of the error. Repeat until satisfied

However, my issue is that part 4 can take a bit of time (blame me for under/overshooting with the pad). So I wondered if any one had success automating this part with a non-GoTo mount via ST4 or if you had any other idea how to reduce this time not spent collecting useful photons.
There are some old threads on the forum about using an arduino card, so I don't mind getting one and the few soldering parts if other people had a successful experience. If a solution without an arduino exists, then I am willing to try as well.

Thanks in advance.

Current setup (if it helps)
Camera: Fuji X-T2, Guide: ASI120 MM mini
Mount: EQ-5, motorized using the enhanced Dual-Axis DC motor drives
Scope: WO ZenithStar 73
On Astroberry with a RPi 4
2 years 2 months ago #62554

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I have the same problem. Have you fixed it? How? Thanks
1 year 5 months ago #74843

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