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KStars 3.6.1 beta for MacOS

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Hey Mac beta testers.

I just posted a new dmg in the beta folder. Please check to see if everything works as expected. Note that a week ago I built a beta and I found that most everything worked well, but the new Image Trains feature required some configuration for people that haven't had that feature in KStars before and if you didn't do that configuration properly, it caused some unexpected problems. I found that if you haven't had them before, you have to first edit the primary image train, and then you had to select secondary and then primary again in EACH module to get it to actually use the Image Train correctly in all modules. (If you didn't do that many things didn't work right). Unfortunately now that I did that on my local version of KStars, it is already configured for me and I can't test it again to see if it's been fixed yet. I am hoping this gets fixed before release. If you have the same issue I had a week ago, please let me know.



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Replied by John on topic KStars 3.6.1 beta for MacOS

Great thx Rob. I tested last night, here is my feedback...
1. On startup I had 2 optical trains (OTs) created for me... Primary and Secondary. Primary was the main scope, Secondary was for my OAG. I initially assumed as I have 1 optical train (OAG) that I could remove the Secondary and select my guide cam as "Guider" in the OT (which was how Primary was created for me by the system). This is wrong. The "Guider" is the device receiving guide pulses so in my case needs to be the mount.
2. Having got past 1) I noticed that most of my default parameters on focus / align / guiding had not been carried across to 3.6.1 so I went through all tabs re-establishing parameters. Some parameters were carried across like GPG worm period so its a bit unclear which parameters are carried across and which aren't.
3. All devices connected correctly.
4. PA worked as expected.
5. Guiding was tricky due to intermittent cloud but worked I would say as expected.
5a. Varying number go guide stars > 10 worked as expected.
5b. Dark guiding worked but I couldn't discern any improvement but that may be because of tough guiding conditions. I think I need to play around with it some more as I probably didn't have it configured properly. Just 1 comment on dark guiding... it would be nice to have some feedback on the guiding screen that dark guiding is activated (or not). This is the same as GPG... the only way to tell whether its on/off is to look at the config setup.
6. Focus worked as expected.
7. Sky map worked as expected.
8. Capture worked as expected.
9. Mosaic tool worked as expected.
10. Scheduler worked as expected.
11. Meridian Flip worked as expected.
12. Ekos ran through the night without seg faulting despite some tough conditions.
13. I usually bring my scope indoors to take flats in the morning. I don't bother connecting my mount (as there's no point). With 3.6.1 if all devices in the OTs are not connected you can't do anything. So I connected my mount and usability returned. This is a limitation of OTs. Taking flats (once all devices are connected) worked as expected.

So overall I think 3.6.1 worked well for me last night.
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