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Defining a schedule

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Defining a schedule was created by wotalota

KStars 3.7.0 Stable
I have not been a user of the scheduler and am having a time of it trying to define a simple job. The .seq file selected runs as expected using the capture module and should take about 30 minutes. When trying to reference it in the scheduler it almost always results in a message like: "Greedy Scheduler: empty plan". Attaching screen shots hoping there is something obvious that I am missing.
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Replied by Hy Murveit on topic Defining a schedule

Please send the log with verbose logging and all modules checked (and why not, also the .esl and .esq files).

There is decent documentation in the kstars handbook on using the scheduler, if you haven't checked it out--see

It's hard to tell what's wrong, but the "empty plan" is likely that your job was aborted for some reason (can't tell exactly why without log), and you have "aborted job management" set to "None" instead of having it retry right away or retry after some fixed time.

FWIW, I run the scheduler with the simulator all the time when writing/debugging software, so you might want to try and practice setting something up that way. (To take pictures with the simulator, you need gsc installed, and I don't know if that happens by default, but you can try and see if it works.)

Perhaps the issue is related to the fact that you're imaging near Polaris (e.g. I'm sure the guider would have issues there, are you using the guider?). Try some easier target further from the pole and see if you can get that going...

Anyway, we should be able to get this going, keep posting your progress.

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Replied by wotalota on topic Defining a schedule

Hello Hy,
Thanks for the response and helpful suggestions.

The issue was in the capture tab with my Format definition field. I had used a %t target in the directory portion of the definition. Target was not used/defined in the capture tab so it worked. However the scheduler asserts the 'Polaris' target and the directory does not exist. After cleaning that up in the capture tab (for each filter) the scheduler accepted the definition.
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