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Solver not working under Ekos

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Since a month I've discovered KStars and the Ekos & Indi packages and I'm impressed with the functionality it brings to my Linux system for doing astronomy/astro imaging. Keep up the great work!

As the weather is currently cloudy at my place I was experimenting offline with the plate solving part of Ekos, but I haven't been succesful so far.
I've downloaded the data for offline solving and it works when I solve from the command line, but doesn't give any solutions when doing this from within Ekos.

When I point the telescope simulator close to M31, the solver options show the following options:
--no-verify --no-plots --no-fits2fits --resort --downsample 2 -O -L 160.837 -H 266.651 -u aw -3 10.9042 -4 40.9589 -5 10

Image size (4x2.5deg), RA, dec and range seem to be OK and when I try to do a "load and slew" on a DSLR image of M31 the log window shows the following logging:
2016-11-05T19:17:29 simplexy: found 2928 sources.
2016-11-05T19:17:26 Downsampling by 2...
2016-11-05T19:17:26 This looks like a multi-color image: processing the first image plane only.  (NAXIS=3)
2016-11-05T19:17:26 Extracting sources...
2016-11-05T19:17:24 Reading input file 1 of 1: "/home/marakk/Astro/Capture/M31/M31_5x90s.fit"...
2016-11-05T19:17:24 /usr/bin/solve-field --no-verify --no-plots --no-fits2fits --resort --downsample 2 -O -3 359 -4 180 -5 15 -W /tmp/solution.wcs /home/marakk/Astro/Capture/M31/M31_5x90s.fit
2016-11-05T19:17:24 Starting solver...
2016-11-05T19:17:24 Using solver options: --no-verify --no-plots --no-fits2fits --resort --downsample 2 -O -3 359 -4 180 -5 15
2016-11-05T19:17:24 FITS header: Cannot find FOCALLEN.
2016-11-05T19:17:24 FITS header: Cannot find OBJCTRA. Using current mount coordinates.

After waiting a few minutes it fails (no solution).
Passing the Ekos solver options on the command line to solve-field gives me a solution within a few seconds.
So the options and solver installation seem to be OK.

From the logging however it looks like the it uses the wrong solver options: they are not correctly passed from Ekos to the solver as it seems to use RA=359deg and dec=180deg.

Does anyone know if this is caused by the fact that I'm using the simulator, or by incorrect Ekos configuration, or is this a bug in Ekos?

Thanks in advance,

Ubuntu Mate 16.04
KStars v2.7.0 + Ekos
Indi v1.3.0
astrometry.net v0.67 + astrometry-data-2mass* v1.1
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Looks like when you took this capture, your CCD driver was not set to listen to the mount driver. This is needed so it can record information related to your mount in the FITS header. You can do that in the "Options" tab under "Active Devices" of your GPhoto driver. As can you can see from the messages above, the RA/DE and Focal Length was not found in the FITS file so it assumes some values on its own.
Jasem Mutlaq
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OK thanks,

I thought the Ekos solver options would be used if no appropriate values are found in the Fits header.
5 years 7 months ago #11761

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