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Mosaic job creator handles negative rotations as positive

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Hi. I may be wrong here, but if you introduce a negative angle in the Mosaic job creator UI, in the "rotation" field under "1. Equipment", it is handled as positive, i. e. -33 is handled as +33.

The solver reports my rotation as -22 but this (see attachment 1) is what I got after running the mosaic job (quick composition with ds9 using wcs data from the resulting fits files). As you can see, the rotation of the individual frames is different from the whole mosaic. I am guessing that the problem comes from the mosaic job creator ignoring the negative angle.

Also, a couple of minor things.
- On the right, the display of the mosaic and the objects is a bit buggy. Ofter, it leaves out parts of the mosaic, the object, etc (see attachment 2).
- The "tab" order of the "rotation" field is wrong, it should come after "Pixel size - H" but comes after "overlap" in "FOV".

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I found issue causing this. The position angle of the target displayed within the mosaic window wasn't 0 E of N and so the rotation wasn't correct. I have a temporary "fix" for this, but I'd like to work on a better approach and will work on it in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for the report!
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