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25 Jul 2018
Glad to announce of release of INDI Library v1.7.4 on 2018-07-25. A few drivers were added in this release as we continue to improve & stabilize existing drivers.

TOPIC: Change to Guide Module with recent update?

Change to Guide Module with recent update? 8 months 1 week ago #23236

knro wrote: *face palm*

I found the problem. It was indeed a commit I merged a while back. So while checking the code again, I noted the WE guide function was using NS direction. It's fixed, compile now or wait until tomorrow PPA. Sorry about that, should have checked the code first.

De nada!

That's great, Jasem! I am glad to find out I wasn't crazy and that I could be of some help with the troubleshooting.
Let's do it again sometime! :-))

And thanks for all the great work you are putting into maintaining this outstanding platform! I don't think most users realize how much work must be going into this.

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Change to Guide Module with recent update? 8 months 1 week ago #23280

wvreeven wrote:

El Corazon wrote: Thanks, wvreeven. Exactly what I am seeing in all respects, except I don't need to shut down the mount to recover, just Ekos and KStars. However, I think I have found a way to make the guiding through the mount, using the internal guider, more consistent. Can you try playing with the proportional gain in the Control Parameter settings and set proportional gain for the RA axis to 200% and DEC axis to 100%. In my case, that brought the deviations down to <2" on an Atlas Pro, 70% of the time <1" with guide pulse lengths rarely exceeding 400 ms, 200-250 ms most of the time. If you can improve further, please let me know. But with those settings, it is quite workable at the focal lengths I am using (~800mm and at the abysmal seeing I had in my light polluted and smog-filled inner city area. In my case, I used 2" frames, not ideal, so I will change to 4" frames next time. I thought I had set the guider to 4" frames, but it reverted on its own without me noticing. Thanks for pointing that out.

I set the Proportional Gain as you indicated but to no avail as you can see in the screenshot. I'm not sure if my guide scope is focused well enough though. I ordered a new one with a better focuser so maybe that'll help.

wvreeven, I am very sorry, totally my fault! Those settings would make the deviations on your mount worse. I have two mounts, an Atlas Pro for my backyard and an iOptron SmartEQPro+ for traveling and grab and go. The values I gave you were for the SmartEQ, not for the Atlas. Even with those proportional gains, I can barely keep the guide errors within the 2" window on the SmartEQ. That mount has THE worst periodic error I can imagine!
For the Atlas Pro, I had to reduce the proportional gain - for guiding through the mount directly, not through the camera - from 133% to 100% with a guide rate of 0.5x sidereal. I.e. I reduced the amplitude of the corrections and thus the oscillations you and I have been seeing when guiding directly through the mount. With those gain values, guiding was good in my case. If you still see disproportional deflections, you may want to try to reduce the proportional gain further, I am not saying that I reached the optimal set point yet.
Hope that fixes the problem for you as well.

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Change to Guide Module with recent update? 8 months 1 week ago #23282

Thanks for the warning, Jo, and no problem. Last night I tried guiding with the ST4 port again (after updating KStars, indi etc) but unfortunately it still didn’t work. For internal guiding via EQMod I already had reset the configuration so no harm done there. I’ll try with lower Proportional Gain next time and see if that helps. Thanks!

Clear skies, Wouter

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