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New Bahtinov Mask Assistant Tool

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Hi AstroMuni,

Adding a graphical indicator if you are turning the focus knob the right way would be a nice feature.

The trend graph that is enabled when in automatic mode (after pressing the start capture button) has an similar function. You can see in the graph if your focus is increasing or decreasing. In the graph you can see if the focus trend is going in the right direction.

I noticed that the HFR will fluctuate around a certain value when you take multiple images without touching the focus knop. The value of the HFR can either increase or decrease slightly due to atmospheric conditions. This means that you need some more captures between each focus change to see if the turn on the focus knob improved your focus.
These variations make it difficult to show in a graphical indicator if your focus change went the correct way after just one or two captures.

That's why I use the automatic mode even when performing manual focus actions. The graph gives me a good indication if my focus is right and if I turn my focus knob the right way.

Implementing a graphical indicator based on a single measurement, might give misleading information, as it might happen that you turned the focus knob the right way, but due to atmospheric conditions, the HFR value stays the same or went the other way. Then the indicator will show that you should turn your focus knob the other way and you see in your next measurement that it got even worse.

But I will put my thinking cap on :-) and see if I can find a solution for that. I do agree that for manual focus such an indicator can be a good improvement.

Thanks for the feedback. Suggestions are always welcome.

Kind regards,
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Perhaps you could compare it with whatver HFR value was showing just before the capture took place or take an average of the values (if its possible ofcourse) :-)
Another nice to have would be if there was some way to 'calibrate' it to understand if the focusser was moving in or out and then be more intelligent in suggesting what the user should do!
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This is a very helpful thread about what must be a very helpful feature.
I am looking forward to using it as soon as I get a clear night.
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