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Possible Memory Leak in Kstars

1 week 3 days ago
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Possible Memory Leak in Kstars #42921
Hi Jasem,

When Imaging last night, I have ran into what seems like a memory leak issue with kstars. My imaging sequence stopped with an out of memory error. I am on a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB model, with zram installed. KStars is version 3.3.5, runnning on Raspbian, compiled from code. I had to stop just a couple minutes ago, because it almost ran out of memory again, also as seen on the attached pictures I have closed kstars, and the ram consumption is basically the same. My log is full because of the other issue discussed earlier with the qhy camera, it's over 2gb for 2 hours of imaging. Can the QHY camera cause this issue maybe? If not, is it possible I messed up something when compiling.? Also can I do something, so that my log doesn't get spammed this much with QHY entries other than disabling verbose logging?

Also I am running on Raspbian, because however hard I try with Ubuntu, after starting Ekos, the whole system crashes, for no apparent reason exactly 3 minutes after connection to my real hardware, with no log entries. It doesn't do this when connecting simulators, and I could replicate it on 4 different Ubuntu installs. I am guessing it's either the QHY driver or my QHY camera. Lets see if you maybe have a solution, but I think I might have to reinstall.



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1 week 3 days ago
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Possible Memory Leak in Kstars #42935
Have you tried the new Beta Stellarmate for the the rpi4, or just bare Ubuntu mate, as that does not work...

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1 week 3 days ago
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Possible Memory Leak in Kstars #42948
Can you run KStars in gdb? so that when it crashes, we can at least get a backtrace?
gdb -ex run kstars

For the memory issue, try to disable logging. Then monitor RAM, do you see it increasing steadily? Find out which driver is causing this.

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