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Eqmount random disconnection

1 week 3 days ago
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Eqmount random disconnection #42929
Hi everybody,

I'm struggling an issue since a couple of month.
I'am using kstars and ekos since almost two years now.
But this summer I started to find that my astronights sessions failed beacuse of eqmod disconnection while I was away

Sometimes it works, for hours, for night, sometimes it disconnect several time in the night.
When a disconnection occurs I cannot reconnect eqmodmount from Ekos, I must go to my observatory and physicaly switch the USB port on the computer, then in ekos I have to scan port and affect the new com adress (com0->com1->Com2...)

I first thought it was a cable issue but with a new one nothing change.

Any Idea?

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please find attach a verbose and a regular log with deconnection issue (i didn't find the way to find the trouble in it)

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