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Ekos restarts exposure sequence after meridian flip?

1 year 1 day ago
El Corazon
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Ekos restarts exposure sequence after meridian flip? #44027
Last night I had an issue I have never experienced before.

I programmed the scheduler to image M31 in Ha, S2 and O3.

Meridian flip occurred automatically after the 28th exposure of the S2 sequence. However, the frame counter went back to 0 for the S2 sequence, i.e. the exposure sequence started all over again for S2 only (it did not restart Ha, which had already completed).

I have always had 'Remember Job Progress' unchecked in the past and this has never happened before. I wonder whether during one of the most recent revisions of the scheduler something got changed there and now the currently running exposure sequence restarts.

Has anyone else seen this?

Using KStars 3.3.6 on Ubuntu Mate and a mini-PC.


Atlas Pro AZ-EQ, ASI1600MM-Pro, ASI120MM-S, ES102ED, WO-Z61, Nikon D3300, ASI-EFW, ZWO LRGB,Ha,O3,S2 filter set

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