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Memory Leak

4 days 23 hours ago 4 days 23 hours ago by Twistys.
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Memory Leak #45580
I had multiple crashes over the night due to running out of memory. I was watching the system monitor as kstars crashed a few times. Below I have listed all the components that I am using. I looked up similar issues and work arounds to them. Have already disabled fits view as that was causing me issues previously. After I had disabled that I was able to image for 3 nights in a row (last time it was clear) with no crashes all night. This time when I booted up it would crash after taking 4-10 captures. In watching the system monitor I started my process and it would go through slew, focus, align, guide, and start first capture all fine. Memory would spike during each operation but then return to its original amount. When it got to finishing a capture, downloading, and beginning the next capture however the memory would increase by ~20 MiB each time until it ran out of memory when downloading a capture and kstars would force close. I ran kstars in gdb using <code>gdb -ex run kstars</code> as recommended by Jasem in this thread. <code>(gdb) bt</code> returned "No Entry" I have included the syslogs, and a screenshot from Stellarmate App from when I disconnected the drivers and closed KStars, and another from when I reopened KStars. I know a "temporary fix" would be to upgrade to the Raspberry Pi 4 - 4gig. But if the memory leak is still there, it will still be an issue, just would take longer between crashes.

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Raspberry Pi 3b+ w/ Stellarmate OS v.1.4.4
EQ6-R pro with EQMOD
Canon EOS Rebel T6 imaging camera
ZWO ASI290mm mini guide camera

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