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SestoSenso focuser Driver issue

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Hi all, is there any way of getting a driver altered or altering/making my own driver?
I use a RASA with a sesto senso Focuser, KStars will let me enter a max focuser steps/position of 200,000.
My focus position in my RASA is around 900,000 to 1,100,000, therefore I'm royally screwed.
The 200,000 limit needs another Zero to 2 million.
I asked this question last year, but got no real solution, is there anyway around this issue, or should I just use NINA/SGP?, 
I'd rather not use either but Kstars is now useless to me, unless I replace both my £300 Sesto Senso Focusers with some cheaper ones that don't use the 10:1 Microfocuser 

this was never an issue the year before last, I've been using kstars for 4 or more years, the issue was introduced in a driver INDI update sometime last year.

Thanks in advance, Darren.
1 year 3 months ago #77295

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I've put a request in on the INDI github page for the driver alteration for FocusABSPosN from 200,000 to 2,000,000, will see what happens?
the max position is FocusMaxPosN[0].value = 2097152; so not sure why someone set the max focus position to 200000 anyway?

FocusRelPosN[0].min = 0.;
FocusRelPosN[0].max = 50000.;
FocusRelPosN[0].value = 0;
FocusRelPosN[0].step = 1000;

FocusAbsPosN[0].min = 0.;
FocusAbsPosN[0].max = 200000.;
FocusAbsPosN[0].value = 0;
FocusAbsPosN[0].step = 1000;

FocusMaxPosN[0].value = 2097152;
1 year 3 months ago #77301

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